Intense Adventures

 This is what I spent half an hour doing this afternoon.  Yes, I needed to jump start my car, and all I could think was that it was a brilliant blog opportunity.  Call me a “crazy cat-lady” like my sister did on the ride home, but I am sure that SOMEDAY I will find it humorous.  In case you are wondering, my car is the Pontiac.  The green thing is owned by a sweet young girl from Lakeview Centennial High School.  Thank you so much!!!  I digress.  I feel as if my blog needs some comic relief, and with the adventures Kennedy and I have had recently….  I suppose I’ll start at the beginning.

It all started one afternoon when Ma told us to go to the local Neighborhood Market and pick up some groceries.  Off we go, thinking it is just another humorless errand run.  Kennedy wasn’t in that great of a mood right then for reasons I can’t remember.  I wanted to cheer her up.  Little did I know I would soon find opportunity to do so.  As we are going down a street, not far removed from our home, we see a young woman pushing a double-stroller running.  Yes.  I said running.  While normal people wouldn’t find this funny, we found it hilarious.  I then proceeded to fist pump and yell encouragement, nevermind the fact we were in a closed up car.  But she saw my fist pumps.  I know she did.  As we continue down the road, laughing much too much to be safely driving, we come across a young man walking on the other side of the road.  Just walking and minding his own business when Kennedy says, “I wonder if people can hear us outside of the car?”  I then proceeded to yell at the man as loud as I could, but alas…. he was either deaf, rude, or you cannot in fact hear sounds that originate inside of a car if you are outside of said environment.  Of course by now Kennedy is bent over laughing, and I am not far removed from doing so myself.  One would think that surely that is enough adventure to last that trip, but no.  Do not be discouraged my dear friends.  On the way home, in fact, I forgot momentarily where I was going, turned into the wrong lane, and we decided to take a detour.  When turning around in a parking lot to put ourselves in a better position to be on the way home, I started telling the other cars to, “Hurry up, vroom vroom, hurry up.”  I had lost it certainly.  Every car I saw I dubbed a he or she and encouraged them along to the tune of “vroom vroom,” but who wouldn’t?  This again turns Kenny hysterical and bends over as far as she can.  She doesn’t get very far though because she has positioned her feet to rest on the dashboard.  After one last “vroom vroom” I ask her how she would feel if we wrecked and her knees broke her face.  She answered with more laughter.  Young ‘uns these days… No practicality at all…

Now, Kennedy is very prestigious and high up on the high school theatre ladder.  She has to judge all the comedies in the area.  I was taking to the play “Play it Again, Sam” in Rowlett when our next adventure struck.  The way there was very bland.  The play was good.  I pay my respects for the half of the stage I got to see.  As we are walking to the car I make an astute observation.  “We are the only car in this parking lot.”  We then begin to think of all sorts of predicaments that could occur as if we have suddenly been put in a horror show.  I say we must look under the car to make sure no one is going to chop our Achilles’.  After making sure no one is in fact under the car, Kennedy tells me to unlock the car as we stand at the rear windshield to see if anyone is in the back waiting to scalp us.  We were encouraged when all we saw was the usual mess that accompanies a car possessed by a family of eight.  We proceed to get in the car, and I quickly start the engine so we can head home.  The second I turn the key the front and back windshield wipers get to work, wiping away an imaginary rain storm.  We freak.  “The car is possessed!!”  “What the heck!?”  I’m turning and pushing all sorts of the bamboozles around the steering wheel.  I successfully manage to turn off the front windshield wipers, only to turn around and see the back windshield cleaning itself over and over.  After some more blind stumbling on the metaphoric path, I manage to turn those off and turn the front ones on again!!!  I won’t bore you with how many combinations we went through.  Just suffice it to say, fifteen minutes later we were catching our breath and giggling at the situational irony of, well… the situation.  We then proceed to head home.  Funny thing though… We thought we knew where we were going.  Five minutes later we realized we didn’t know at all.  And we laugh thinking how great it is that we enter a possessed car, defeat it, and just get lost on some highway.  I eventually tell Kennedy to turn her GPS on her phone on.  After five minutes of loading, she tells me to turn around.  In the middle of a highway….  We eventually make it home, not without a couple of detours and plenty more laughs, and of course my exclamation of how great of a story it would make on my blog.

Then there was today, Kennedy once again had a play to judge (this time Midsummer Night’s Dream), and once again I was her ride.  We decided to leave almost two hours before she needed to be there and arrive safe and sound at the school and hour and a half before it even started.  Good.  Luckily, with my keen observation skills I noticed a Jack in the Box just down the street.  We proceed to the establishment.

They have amazing service, that Jack in the Box.  The employees are very friendly.  There is a cleanliness that extends even to the bathroom.  And, as always, the food was exceptional.  I digress.

After a lunch and fries and eggrolls we then go back to the school; she judges; I see her coming out and start the car.  Unfortunatley, the car didn’t have the same opinion as I did.  It refused to start.  My thoughts, “Great.  I don’t even know what jumper cables look like.”  Kennedy gets in the car, and I inform her of our predicament.  I attempt to call Ma but her phone just goes straight to voicemail.  I then call Michael and catch him up on the details.  He says, “I’m at work and can’t leave.  Find someone to jump the car and let me know how it goes.  I won’t be off for a while.”  I look at Kennedy and say, “Well, I guess we can just open the hood and look pitiful.”  So we do.  And that’s when the lovely girl who attended the high school comes out of her car and asks if we need help.  I tell her our battery has died.  She had cables and knew how to use them.  Thirty minutes later I were cruising down the highway telling Kennedy I almost asked her to take a picture with me for the blog.  She then calls me a cat-lady.  We get home, and now I blog.  If only it could have been some hot older brother of a kid in the play…. That would’ve been nice indeed.

P.S. I missed the whole Cowboys’ game today for Kennedy’s play.  You can tell they missed me.  They barely won and Miles even hurt his ribs!! 😦


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