I’m sitting in the rocking chair in the living room perusing my newest read, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.  Having just read Dr. Lanyon’s account of the Doctor, I was quite in a creepy state of mind.  All of the house lights are off except for the living room light.  Everyone is asleep.  Or so I thought.  I just finished the chapter when Kennedy comes into the dining room, walking right through it into the living room.  She barely looks around the room and walks back into the dining area.  Then proceeds to turn around, walk a few steps, and turns back around towards the kitchen.

“Kennedy, what are you looking for?”

“Nothing,” she says in a small, vague voice.


She turns on the light in the kitchen and goes in the direction of the fridge.  I attempt to go back to reading my book when I hear a clatter.  I turn back towards the kitchen to try and see what was the matter (pun unintended), but all I could see was her ponytail.  I continue watching however to see if I can figure out what she is doing that would cause such a sound.  She suddenly turns around where I can see her… sort of.  Her face is covered due to her drinking iced Kool-Aid out of a pitcher.  She stops and looks at me.


“Are you thirsty or something?”


“You’re acting really weird.  It’s really freaking me out.  I’m sitting here reading about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and you walk in here looking lost and acting weird.”


I collapse into a nervous giggle.  Kennedy gives me a weird look and goes back to finish off the Kool-Aid.  She places the pitcher beside the sink and grabs the lid and puts it on top.  I then realize what made the disturbing sound (her taking the lid off), and once again attempt to go back to my book.  But, I can’t help myself.  I look back up and find her staring at me.

“Quit acting so weird!!”


She starts walking towards the living room again.  I’m thinking about how she left the light on in the kitchen so I’ll have to turn it off later when I suddenly notice her by my chair.


I once again explain to her what I was saying about being freaked out.  She laughs, walks a few steps, turns around, and walks back to our room.  I watch where she disappeared around the corner momentarily when, all of the sudden, she comes into the dining area and turns back around to the bathroom.  Thinking I’ve had enough and want to see just what’s going on, I grab my book, mark my place, and grab my stuffed animal to start heading towards our room.  I make it to the dining area before I remember I need to turn the light in the living room off, only to see Kennedy.  Actually, I hear her first.  It sounded like a crunch.  I turn around to see her standing in the doorway.  I ask her what she’s doing and she walks towards me and says, “Eating bones.”

“For reals, you’re freaking me out.”

She then looks at me with wide eyes and configures her face to look completely possessed.  I yelp in surprise and put my stuffed dog in front of my face.

“Stop!! You’re freaking me out! Don’t make that face!”

She laughs and proceeds back towards our room once more.  I turn around back towards the living room to turn out the light and then turn out the kitchen light.  I go into our room and ask her why she’s being so weird, only to have her give me the possessed look again.

“Quit, yo.  You’re gonna give ME nightmares with that look!! You look possessed.” (Yes, I really talk like that.)

She laughs and gives me the look again as I put my stuff up.

“I’m not looking at you for the rest of the night.  You’re giving me the creeps.”

I get my computer out (during all of this I’m thinking what a great blog story this will make) and look up at her.  Yep, she was still possessed.  I then laugh at how silly it is.  Then she starts laughing and asks me what I’m doing.

“Blogging.  It’s an addiction, and I blame you.”

Aah, sisterly affection.  Nothing better to freak you out before you go to sleep than a possessed younger sister.  Sweet dreams, my dears.


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