Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Hello, hello, hello, errybody!!!  I feel as if it has been forever since I blogged!!!  My week has been pretty busy so far, and I’ve had trouble finding the time to post.  I don’t understand how Kennedy does it.  I mean, just the other night she didn’t sleep at all because she had so much homework!  She is the last person in bed every night and the first person up every morning.  She always does her homework, and she is striving to get into Harvard.  If I had her dedication through high school, shoot, if everybody had her dedication through high school, we’d all be geniuses!!! But, once again, I digress.

So, Monday I had an interview at Wally World.  It went well, but they interviewed me for a job in apparels and then called later to say they were really supposed to interview me for overnight stocking. 😐  So, that’s a no go.  Tuesday I went to Park Place with my aunt Julie.  She works at Half Price Books in the corporate part of the building down there.  I forgot what she said her job was.  I think it was something like, I-put-myself-through-unnecessary-pain-for-snobby-people.  Or marketing.  Something to that effect anyway.  Digress…. She brought me up there with her to apply at some of the places down there.  There was a mall and a bunch of other stores across the street, as well as Half Price Books of course.  Walking around and getting applications in the mall taught me a few things and introduced me to some wonderful things.

 One of the first cool things I saw was this awesome guy.  Actually there was a group of them right outside the Nike store.  I sat on a bench for like five minutes just to get this picture so people wouldn’t look at me crazy.  Everybody else was just walking by like it was normally every day life.  Hello!!!  There are crazy twenty foot guys hammering on what looks like a tennis shoe in front of one of the best stores ever!!!!  How can you just walk by?  They are probably my favorite part of the mall.  Call them transcendent or something.  It made me feel all happy and stuff.  There were other awesome guys at the mall too.  Like some of the guys I asked for an application from.  One of them was like six foot, eight inches and joked around with me some.  Standing next to him, all five foot three of me, I felt so small and safe.  He certainly would’ve been a great ref.  He was already wearing the striped shirt.  Put him on the field!!!  I remember that was the first application I filled out. Haha!

I also learned how to cross a street in Dallas.  You would think that it’s something any idiot would know.  But down here, it be kray-kray ya’ll!!! (And don’t anybody dare say I put the apostrophe in the wrong spot because I didn’t.  Dictionary people kept telling me it wasn’t a word.  Then when they decided it was; they knew all about it.  But they don’t! Ya + all = ya’ll)  You have these behemoth-size streets with decent speed limits and lil’ ol’ me sitting here thinking I’ve never seen so many cars in one place.  You of course should use the crosswalks.  That’s what they were made for.  But I’ve discovered that sometimes, just sometimes, it’s better to walk part of the way down the street and there won’t be as much traffic.  The best situation is when there is someone on the other side of the street who needs to cross because when you both push the button then it will actually turn in your favor.  One of the many times I crossed the street that day I pushed the button only to find out it was not going to change for me no matter how many times I pushed it.  So I kind of gave up that method unless I saw someone across from me.  Otherwise your best bet is to take it half a street at a time.  Unless there isn’t a median.  I haven’t crossed one of those yet.

 I also learned the difference between a latte and mocha.  A mocha has chocolate syrup and whipped cream.  A latte has an option of syrup and it has foam on top.  And I know you can’t tell, but that’s a latte to the left.  Some sort of nut kind.  Not hazelnut.  Something else.  It tasted weird.  I think I prefer my mocha, but it was good.  I was actually really excited to get this picture.  I wanted to get one earlier in a different Starbucks, and it would’ve looked a lot cooler–but my camera died.  I need a camera.  Suggestions anybody? I’m really getting tired of these blurry shots.  Digress… I remember coming here and thinking that it was a busy, hectic city no one was going to be as nice as people in the Panhandle are.  But if anything, I’ve found that the people here, for the most part, are really much friendlier.  Talking to the woman at this particular Starbucks (Park Lane) enlightened me to this, and the idea was quickly confirmed by riding public transportation almost everywhere I went and my extensive time I’ve spent talking to random people about their job and my life.  And getting lost.  Getting lost multiple times has introduced me to fantastic people.  Point in fact, this is still Texas.  Everyone here is helping out and being friendly without the intention of raping you or stealing your identity.  Mind you, I still don’t leave the house without my knife…

Living here in Dallas has been a dream come true for me.  Ever since I first visited here I knew I wanted to live here.  Even though there are a lot of things here I’m having to adjust to and a lot of things that I’m having to rethink, I don’t think I’ve ever felt more at home.  I quickly am learning how to survive in a big city, and surely I can get no more directionless than I already am.  My sister and I have gotten so close just this past week and a half, I miss her when she’s at school.  It already feels like I’ve been here forever.  It’s getting hard to imagine my life somewhere else. Anywhere else.  I almost feel like I belong.

Sorry it’s been so long errybody.  More to come.



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