Squirrels Are People Too

  Squirrels are odd creatures.  For some reason they are very interesting to watch.  I’m not sure if it is the playful nature by which they work, or the working nature by which they play… I’m not really sure if they are working or playing when I see them–they combine the two well.  If squirrels could talk, I bet they’d be like, “Brittany, darling, you need to learn to have fun in life.  Even when you are working.  And don’t forget to eat a healthy diet of nuts–store some for winter too!!”  I would like to dedicate this paragraph to… squirrels.  When I was in high school, I was in HOSA.  I don’t know if you guys know what that is.  If you don’t I firmly reprimand you.  Just kidding.  It’s a health club where a bunch of crazy people study and compete in some really hard health stuff for the fun of it.  We combine work and fun.  Except it’s unneccessary work.  I digress, I learned a whole bunch of facts about squirrels and how they are affected during winter time as shown in a case study by some supposedly really smart people at a really smart college.  And never even got asked a question about it.  Like, wow.  I just memorized that a squirrels heart rate will drop to 60 bpm when the temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius.  Apparently, who cares?!?!  I mean, squirrels are people too!!  You spend three minutes of my life by making me study a ten page case study over squirrels and don’t ask me a question about it?!  I think that’s proposterous!!!  You can’t care about squirrels according to your agenda.  How stupid.  I’m sure by now you all think I’m crazy.  MAYBE I AM, OKAY?????  I just think that sometimes we (the world in general, not squirrels) overlook some things.  When was the last time you listened to wind chimes on your neighbors porch before a storm?  When was the last time you took notice of a squirrel hard at work and play?  When was the last time you noticed that the person in front of you is really good at doodling on her notes?  Maybe I’m going on an insane rant.  But sometimes, I think people get too stressed and caught up in just surviving and functioning in this world, they forget about the simple things.  Like that really cool backpack the person walking in front of you has.  Or the little ketchup bottle that is found at your local Neighborhood Market.

 Then you’ve got this squirrel, if you ever see him around say, “Chili cheezz” in your best nerd voice.  It will be well-rewarded.  This is my brother Neil.  He is a hilarious guy to be around.  He makes faces, says the craziest things, and can dance like a grandma with too many tequilas on the spur of the moment.  It’s never a dull moment and a moment is never dull with him.  His favorite word is banana and he’ll insert it whenever he can, even if it doesn’t make sense.  He is only thirteen years old and already taller than me.  He stays active, eats all the time, loves chocolate milk, and plays with his younger siblings.  He hardly ever lets anything get him down.  He loves video games and knives and drawing and is very talented at all of the above.  Neil may not love to work, but he makes life fun and enjoyable.  I mean, look at the picture.  He’s at a follow up appointment at the optometrist and he’s sitting in the chair winking and making faces at Kennedy and I.  What would have been a boring errand for me was made entertaining by my incessant need to make a rap, Kennedy dropping a beat, and Neil–well, just being Neil.  He quickly informed me to quit rapping and dancing, but made a great beat with Kennedy.  He made all sorts of faces and observations so you couldn’t help but enjoy the few hours out.  Even when he’s not trying he makes you laugh.  This person is a true squirrel.  And to that I say, “SQUIRREL!!!!”

 Aaahh, Kennedy.  I know you’ve read about Kennedy’s and my great travels in the car.  We never fail to have a fun time while out.  I can be in the worst mood of my life, Kennedy can be sad or stressed, but when we get in that car and turn our music on, it all fades away.  I may notice some person on the side of the road that is exceptional.  She may put on the best song for the moment.  I may talk to the cars and yell at the drivers as if they can hear me.  She will laugh at me and tell me to stop.  We’ll sing the Bohemian Rhapsody or We Are the Champions at the top of our lungs in the most dramatic way possible.  We’ll talk about boyfriends, and frustrations, and school until it all seems like a distant memory of just another thing conquered.  If Kennedy can’t lighten the mood, I will and vice versa.  We notice each other and each other’s feelings.  We share what we observe and let each other in on almost everything.  Kennedy is the person I’m closest to, and at the end of the day, the one I want to make sure I went out of my way to cheer up, help, or just have a good time with.  I’m sure your wondering about the picture.  I made Kennedy get out of the car to see if she could hear me screaming at the top of my lungs.  She couldn’t, but she made this face for my benefit…  She makes life fun–playful… She’s a real a squirrel person.  To that I say, “SQUIRREL!!!!”

  This may not have made much sense to you.  It’s hard to explain how I feel somtimes.  But for your own enjoyment, I though I’d share with you what I saw when I was on the train home a few days ago.  Life is fun as a squirrel.  SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(“A few” is a weird word combination.  Like jumbo shrimp.  The article “a” is singular while “few” stands for a multiple number to describe a noun that follows.  Squirrel.)


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