My Side of the Story

So, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the big night the other night by now.  Of course it is an amazing story but everybody hates people that just retell the same thing over and over, so I’m going to tell it again…..  See, Kennedy and James were both so nervous about that night and were both kind of in the center of attention, they focused on the not-so-cool stuff.  Sure the guy gets the girl in the end…. but we have to put the action in the romance!!!  I mean, this guy took it all.  At one point it was even a physical battle–for spoons.  Props for taking a tackle.  But more on that later.  I’m all about point of view.  Things always look different from another set of eyes.  That’s why I really enjoy books that have different perspectives in them I think.  Lots to see that way.

So, let’s dive in.

The Characters –I feel as if it is important for you all to understand who was here that night to get a full understanding.  Even more important, an understanding of who these people are.

  1. Brittany (me)– My outlook for the night was pretty positive.  I had taken a long nap to prepare for the night and was in a great mood.  I was however, really out of it and constantly saying something really stupid.
  2. Kennedy– After taking the SAT in the morning she was pretty pooped.  She was a flurry of ADD and cleaning and nervousness until we got James.
  3. James– Where would the night be without him?  He is of course the hopeful boyfriend and very, very nervous.  Like flippin out every two seconds and knees shaking nervous.
  4. Neil– He was just really awkward all night.  I guess he’s not used to company or something….
  5. Asher– The poor little guy had been sick all day and was asleep for most of the evening.
  6. Ma– was simply wonderful.  She made some rocking guacamole for dinner and was really excited to meet James.
  7. Julie– Awesomest aunt ever.  I was personally super excited she came over.  She is one of my favorite people ever and I argued with people all day to let me sit with her at the table. (That also meant Kennedy and James got to sit together as well.)
  8. Kent– The perpetrator of the shaky knees and nervousness of the night. I think it’s the beard.

It was getting pretty crazy even before the party started.  It was a long day for everyone, though not necessarily a bad one.  For Kennedy it started out with taking the SAT.  She took my advice and read poetry by Robert Frost on the way to the school, so I know she did very well.  (You should try reading poetry before any major test.  The results don’t lie.)  Ma, Kent, and I all went to go Kenny at noon, but she didn’t get out until nearly two.  By the time we got home it was already crunch time.  I had slept until eleven so I felt like it was morning and moved at a pace appropriate for such hours.  Plus it was cloudy and cool outside–my favorite–which didn’t make me want to move any faster.  Kennedy was all over the place though.  She was changing clothes, coloring her pants with sharpie, and CLEANING.  It was the oddest thing I’ve ever seen.  My sister Kennedy was CLEANING.  Furthermore, it was BY CHOICE.  I know your mind just blew up too.  In the middle of cleaning, Kenny and I had to go shopping for food and such so we could actually eat for the night.  I feel as if I need a camera following us around.  Much more interesting than the Kardashians.  Anyhoo, we’re in the store and I’m in an ADHD stupor and not really sure where I’m going or what I’m doing.  Kennedy is roaming down all sorts of aisles, sometimes multiple times, before we even realize what we are even looking for.  And we went to two different stores.  I won’t go into detail since my word count is already pretty high, but there was spontaneous dancing, weird voices, strange looks, and of course we got lost at least twice.

We get home and I start cooking jalapeno poppers while she finishes cleaning.  Funny things, jalapenos.  Funny things.  You see, their juice will get under your nail when you cut them.  Funnily enough, it burns.  For a really long time.  And when you try to suck it out, it makes your tongue burn.  I cut the stupid things open on a Saturday.  Look at your calendar people!! It’s MONDAY.  And they still burn.  I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve washed my hands either.  Bah.

Digress… next thing you know, it’s time to go get James.  Now there was a lot of debate about this part.  Kent didn’t think Kennedy should go.  But after much conversation and debating, it some how ended up being Kennedy and me picking him up.  I take no credit for that arrangement.  Now we did great getting there for the most part.  Until it came to getting to his street.  See, I was supposed to turn left onto his street but I turned right.  I never saw the left part.  I just saw the right.  I thought the left one was named something different or something I guess.  I think I took stupid pills that morning actually.  So because of that, it took ten minutes longer to get to his house.  Which we passed by THREE TIMES and never saw him sitting outside of his house.  Awkward.  Then he flips out because he thinks I’m trying to scare him with my driving. *Insert condescending look here.*  Really dude?  This is how I normally drive.  Insulted.  I don’t know what his problem is though because we made it there perfectly fine, though from the look on his face, I almost think he preferred we hadn’t.  Kennedy described it pretty well.  It’s like everyone was waiting to meet him, in the entry way to the house.  I somehow ended up in the middle of everybody and awkwardly ran to my room to get out of the way.

And it was dinner time.  Which it was super good.  It took as longer than we thought to get home because we got stuck in some sort of event’s traffic on the way home, which was kind of annoying.  Here’s where the guy begged me to kill him though.  HE SAID HE DIDN’T LIKE THE COWBOYS.  I, calmly mind you, got my machete and placed it at the table for him to see and continued to eat.  That was actually really funny.  All dinner Neil kept trying to say something clever and James kept coming back.  I guess Neil just gives up though because his last comeback was some sort of sound that was really weird.  It sounded like a British “sir” but dragged out and almost under his breath.  “Suuuuuhhhhhhh.”  It quickly became the joke of the night.  I’m not sure any single one of us has any idea of what it actually means.  But all of us began saying suh just randomly.  It was/is still really hilarious.  Why didn’t you do your chores?!?!  Suuuhhhh.  What are you doing?  Suuuhhh.  It’s great.  Then James decided to talk baseball.  Like all smart people would do, he decided to go with the Rangers.  Until I said, “I’m a Yankees fan.”  The baseball talk quickly ended.

And it was game time.  They both said it, and I’ll say it again.  It’s practically impossible to agree on a game when there are seven people.  We ended up deciding on Spoons, one of my favorite games ever.  The first round I wasn’t so great at.  In fact, I went for a spoon, missed and it went sliding over to James.  He grabbed it and I let loose my war cry.  That was my freaking spoon man!!!!  I lunged, elbowed him in the chest.  I realized then that I was halfway across the table and his terrified face and Ma’s laughter.  I quickly stood up, straightened myself and apologized for the full-body tackling.  I told Kennedy later I wasn’t sure whether to be amazed at my competitiveness or embarassed.  During the second round of spoons, Neil and I were about to do the finals when Asher had an allergic reaction to his medicine.  Turns out there was a little bit of blueberry in his medicine, which he is allergic to.  He had broken out in a rash and wasn’t feeling good at all. 😦  Good news is we got him some good medicine and he got better soon enough.

James, Kennedy, Neil and I all went to our room to play Guitar Hero.  James is ridiculously good.  We didn’t play for very long.  Neil was getting over the top with his comments and was making Kennedy mad and me embarassed.  Luckily we remembered the strawberry shortcake and migrated to the kitchen to eat some.  Asher was watching Phineas and Ferb and we all just relaxed and joined him.  Not long after Julie left Ma decided it was time to take James home.  I decided to tag along with Ma and Kennedy.  Somehow she got us there a lot faster.  Probably because James knew which house was his.

All in all, it was a very fun night.  James turned out to be a really cool guy besides the football thing.  I actually think that Kennedy and James were really cute together and I was really excited for him.  As long as he remembers she’s got a big sister.  Haha.

Th-th-th-th-th-that’s all folks!



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