I…. Yeah. Wait, what?

I have no idea what to blog about, only that I want to blog right now.  So, like most girls, I turn to fashion.  BAHA!  Just kidding.  I wouldn’t know the next thing about fashion.  My style is like yoga pants, sweatshirt, and batman socks.  Or some sort of variation of that.  I could talk about football.

Like, I freaking adore Miles Austin.  Before everybody else did (i.e. when he had his breakout season), I’ve liked him since his rookie season in 2006.  I know all sorts of random stuff, too.  Did you know mushrooms are the genitalia of fungus?  I’ve killed a fly with my finger.  I’ve never killed a fish with my bare hands though.  But I’ve caught plenty with my bare hands.  But not with a fishing pole or line.  I’ve caught lots of algae-covered sticks with a fishing pole and line.  Lines can be continuous.  Arrows indicate continuation.  Infinity continues forever.  Lines infinitely approach asymptotes but never reach them.  Some do anyway.  Especially when a trigonometric function is involved.  My stepdad thinks asymptotes are squirrels.  Ma doesn’t know what they are.  Thank you Mrs. Freeman for a love of trig graphs.


Do you want to hear about my psychiatrist?  She’s imaginary.  She has a head that would be a sphere if you took the appendages away.  She helped me realize that I don’t like a lot of people, mainly Philidelphia Eagles’ fans.  She also told me that school was, surprisingly, important.  Holy freaking cow!  I think I’ve lost it.

Here’s a mathematical equation for you.

caffeine + acetaminophen = the shakes

The liver has over two hundred functions.  An iron deficiency can cause anemia.  I have anemia.  Some STDs can’t be cured.  Anemia gives a person a higher risk of leukemia.  A person can drink their own pee in desperate situations and live.  Some people are vitamin D intolerant.  Which means that they are sun intolerant.  Pancakes are yummy and make my clothes shrink.

I always thought I was born in the wrong time frame.  Then I read books.


I have two jobs right now.  I can’t vote because I moved.  My high school counselors won’t listen to me.  So, I can’t go to college because they won’t send my transcript.  Rude.

I need to be tested for AD ooooo shiny.

I like to eat duck.  It tastes like duck.  Cookies are good too.  CookieMonster was way cooler when he ate straight cookies like a cookie-holic and bypassed the cucumbers like heart failure.  That’s a simile.

Grob–good grub

bamzing–knock-you-out deliciois

deliciois–my version of delicious

Peace out riches!!!!

I LOVE THE DALLAS COWBOYS. (In your best Sean Connery impression because idk who that is.)



2 thoughts on “I…. Yeah. Wait, what?

    1. Exactly!!!! And that is why math is amazing!! It applies to everything! Especially SQUIRRELS!!!!! Thanks for the like! Preesh!!!

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