“I’ve been banging my head against a wall.  And for so long it seems like I knocked it down.  Yeah, it got knocked down. And the heating bill went through the roof.  And the scar on my head is the proof, that my landlord needed to kick me out.  I got evicted now I’m living on the street.  My spirits lifted-oh, wait that wasn’t me.  Too many turns I’ve turned out to be wrong.  This time I learned that I knew it all along…. Cuz I struggle with forward motion.”

When Hannah and I were little we would listen to this song over and over and dance and dance and sing and sing.  And the world was great.  But I don’t think that we ever fully understood that song until now.  For those of you who don’t know, the song is Forward Motion by Relient K.  And ever since my sister introduced me to Relient K many years ago, I have loved their music and have always been able to find an anthem for my life.  And nothing fits better right now.  I think I’ll leave the rest of this message for your own interpretation.  I was telling Hannah just a couple of hours ago that I hate when I’m reading something that’s been annotated because I want to interpret that line for myself.  I don’t want someone else to paint it for me.  I just thought I’d share one of my favorites. 🙂


One thought on “Blank Wall

  1. Sometimes what is needed before “forward motion” will be found is to “Be still and know…” (Psalm 46:10-11). Give God some time to heal some hurts, draw near, and point the way ahead. Sometimes the best step forward we can make is to stop moving until we have the Hand of the One who knows the way.

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