Messy Road Trip

The exact spot we were pulled over at. I.e. boredem.

As you all know from my previous posts, crazy stuff happens when Hannah and I team up.  This weekend was pretty… EPIC.  And not in a good way.  Trinity and Zoe had visitation with their dad this weekend and Hannah and I went to go pick them up.  We wanted to shop around there some and visit some people.  Well, it didn’t actually turn out like we wanted to at all.

First of all, I wanted to leave by six in the morning.  I mean, it was a six hour trip already, and we had some stuff planned.  It’s only twenty minutes earlier than our normal morning leaving time, but Hannah decided to go slow or something.  I love this girl to death but she takes the longest showers than anybody I know.  My Lord.  So we weren’t really out and going until 6:45.

Now, everything is going great for the most part.  We’re just driving along, alternating between talking to each other and singing along to the plethora of cds I had brought.  We would try and get all the semis to honk as we passed them.  Then I noticed that the battery light was turning on and off.  It would come on for a few seconds and then turn off for a while…. So, I called Mom to ask her about it.  Not long after I got off with her, I called my parents from Canyon to tell them what was going on.  As I was on the phone with my stepmom, the car starts to shake and all the lights are turning on and off.  So, I quickly roll down the windows, and pull over.  On the side of the highway.  In the middle of no where.  After a few more calls and explanations I have a combination of people coming to the rescue that I never thought I would put together.  Not only is my dad coming, but he is bringing my stepmom, and her dad.  It wouldn’t be awkward if my mom’s parents weren’t also coming to help us.  I’m thinking this is going to be really interesting.

Now, both of the sets of people are over an hour away so Hannah and I are sitting on the side of the road, getting hot, bored, angry (at least I know I am), thirsty, and hungry.  After about half an hour I eat the rest of the donuts I had bought that morning.  You know the little ones?  Yeah.  Then I had to pee.  Really bad.  So I look over to Hannah and tell her so.

“There’s a really big bush over there.”

“I knew I shouldv’e bought those adult diapers yesterday.”

Awkward silence.

“I was doing really good at over eating too.  I only had six donuts this morning until we had to pull over!!!”

Hannah starts laughing at me and I can’t figure out what is funny about this situation at all.

After much waiting, everybody starts pulling up immediately after each other.  After a slightly awkward beginning my two grandpas start pulling parts out of the car and speaking clingon.  We try to charge up the car but we only made it through a little town before it died again.  Then they start the serious surgery.  After another hour, I go with my dad, stepmom and Papa back to Canyon to stay with them until the car is fixed.  Hannah goes with Meeme and Grandpa to do whatever to the whatever to make the car go vroom vroom.

Long afternoon short, my family takes me to Amarillo to go pick up the car at around eight.  Hannah and I start on the way to Borger where we are staying the night.  On the way there, we go by a big gated area and a freaking huge fire.  Yeah, that would be our luck.  We come across a building on fire.  So Hannah and I pull over again (deja vu?) and decide to call 911.


“Yeah, my sister and I were on the way to Borger and we saw this big building on fire.”

“Okay. Where are you?”

“Highway 207 or something like that.”

“You see a flare.”

“Yeah, it’s like really big though.  There’s a building on fire.  It’s really close to the road.”

“No, no. You see a flare.”

“No, it’s a fire. Something is on FIRE.”

“Yes ma’am.  There is a gas plant right there.  What you see is the flare.  It’s supposed to be on fire.”

At this point she’s laughing at me, so I just apologize and hang up.

I told Hannah what would really make this trip complete was a trip to the hospital.  Instead we get lost for an hour in Borger.

I’d say good times, but it’s not funny yet.


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