A didgeridoo is an aboriginal wind instrument prominent in Australia.

Me on a summer afternoon.

Actually I’m a whole buncha Irish.

Secretly in love….

Fun fact: I speak Texan fluently.  I even think Texan.  It would be embarrassing if Texans weren’t so dang proud.  Imma proud Texan too!  We fought at the Alamo dang it!

O Texas, our Texas!!!

But I don’t really care for country music.  (Yes, I don’t even like Taylor Swift.)  In fact I love the deep throaty swoon and slide of jazzy Frank Sinatra.  Or the rebel tones of Celine Dion, the soul of Ella Fitzgerald.  My favorite song to sing randomly: “Somewhere over the rainbow…. bluebirds fly.  Birds fly over the rainbow, why, then oh why, can’t I?

My hero.

Having been involved in some sort of musical group since I was just five years old, music kind of defines me.  Before I could be in a choir at school, I was in the church choir.  In fourth grade I tried out for the “Honor Kids” choir.  And conned my parents into getting me to school by 7:15 for rehearsal.  I tried out for All-Region in junior high and was always in the top ten chairs.  Every solo I tried out for, even though I didn’t get as many as I’d like.  I was a haughty first soprano, but that didn’t stop me from convincing my choir teacher to let me sing alto one year.  I was determined to sing the highest and the lowest in my choir.  I achieved the former and nearly got the latter.  I have an annoying ear.  I cannot watch the Phantom of the Opera without cringing.  Gerard Butler is not a singer.  Nor is anyone else in that movie for that matter.  The vowels and tone…. blah!!!!  Don’t get me started.  I have a cd of the highlights from the Phantom of the Opera of the Original Broadway Cast.  I still listen to it and think well if here she just used straight tone, or if he did this.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a million times better than the movie.  I think I’m having choir withdrawals.  I have been singing almost nonstop recently.  I don’t even care what people think either.  I used to not sing outside of the choir room or on stage because I didn’t want to be singled out or criticized, but now I just belt out what I want when I want.  Especially since I have the house to myself quite a bit during the weekdays.  I’ll plug in recordings of my past choir songs we did and sing along just like I was onstage.  Sometimes I even sing the solo I didn’t get. (gasp)

Music can make me happy.  It can make me cry.  It can make me dance even though I’m not sure I know how to.  Music can bring strangers together, even if just for a few minutes.  Music can be moving, or it can be fun.  Music is as multicultural as the world.  Music is as aged as time.  “Music makes the world go rou-ound!!!”

“I got 99 problems, but pitch ain’t one.”



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