The Long, Spiraling Trip

I feel you girl.
I feel you girl.

This weekend I made yet another trip to Amarillo to go get my little sisters from their dad’s where they spent most of Christmas break.  While I was looking forward to the chaos of having all eight people home again, this is probably one of those trips I would like to just tack up to depressingly disappointing and forget it.  But, since I have a lack of anything nice to say to people in general, I will just spread the depressingness.

The trip didn’t necessarily start out bad.  However, what happened before the trip certainly set the mood.  My grandmother and aunt took my mom, sister, and me to all go see Les Miserables.  While the movie was ridiculously awesome and filled with some of my favorite people (Wolverine, Bellatrix Lestrange, Little Red Riding Hood, and Princess Mia just to name a few) it was also so depressing I think my body legitimately ran out of tears.  And as I’ve menitoned before, I don’t cry.  After an unintentional teary farewell, my mom and I were on our way.

First–it took a depressingly long time to get there.  Everything seems longer when you’re in the passenger’s seat.

Secondly–turns out that Sunday is no longer the holy day of football.  No, two of the playoff games were played on Saturday.  Weird.  Unnatural.  Wrong.  Then to top of the horribleness of it all.  Not only did the freakin’ stupid Texans have to win, but so did the dumb Packers.  I hate both.  I swear to the caramel popcorn sitting in front of me, that I will blow chunks if Green Bay goes to the Super Bowl.  I will eat a goldfish if the Texans do.  Then I will blow chunks.

Thirdly–I become completely and irrevocably sick.  I was sleeping in my Meeme’s wonderful, soft bed and memory foam pillow only to wake up at 4:30 because of lack of nasal breathing.  After getting up to take a potty break and get a drink, I go back to bed only to be awoken out of the twilight zone between sleep and awareness by a text from our good friend…. Cameron.

Yeah, I’m stupid I know.  Oh, and warning, it’s about to get high-school-teenger up in here.  He called my Thursday night and we talked for a while.  He told me he wanted to see me.  And I told him I would be coming into town soon.  But, after a few more minutes he said he had to go and that he would call me back soon.  Well, he texted me while I’m sulking in my misery of Les Mis and being sick.  At five o’ clock in the morning.  I was so confused.  After telling him it was typical and to be expected of him I went to sleep.  Only to be awakened at the butt crack of dawn (8:30) by dear, lost Cameron calling me.  I was so confused I actually answered.  Then I just stared at the phone until I realized I should hang up.  Later he said he still wanted to see me (not picking up the hints), so I told him he could eat lunch with my mom and me before we headed out.  Typical Cameron-style, he didn’t show and hasn’t talked to me since then.  Why do I act like a three-year old when it comes to him?  Anyhow, I’m done.

So, tune back in people.  I also found out a couple of interesting things about my siblings while I was on my trip.  Apparently my brother has been lying to his girlfriend about being CANADIAN and that he went to Canada over winter break to go to a funeral.  As far as I know, he has never even been to Canada.  It just makes me really sad that something like that would happen.  I used to do the same thing when I was in junior high.  When my friends told me they had been to some cool place and gotten something for me, I decided to pretend I had to and would give them something from my room.  Junior high I figured out what I was doing wrong and came clear with my friends.  I told them everything.  Thank God they were understanding and forgave me.  It certainly caused a lot of trust issues between us though.  It also makes me wonder if all the stories he told me are true.  Just really sad-making.

And now I’m going to go. I have some pondering to do.


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