Heller There

Wassup chicken little?!?!! I’m instantly in a good mood because I figured out how to post from my phone. Yesssss. No longer a cold day in July. Luckily for ya’ll, I’m only just now writing this so it won’t be 4,000 words long. So no worries, your eyes won’t burn out by the end of this.
I made the move to the panhandle! I start welding classes a week from today (I think). I’m so pumped!!!
My cousin actually decided not to do welding with me. She changed her mind to x ray tech and then to something that sounds boring and I’m not even sure what it is. She’ll be starting in the fall at Amarillo College and is looking for a place to move out. 😦
I work at Pizza Hut now. And I can say this because they didn’t make me sign a paper saying I can’t. I was also working at United until a week ago. I quit because I was having issues with my hip and they were being very rude about it. I actually have an appointment with a specialist on Wednesday.
But that’s boring!! You guys don’t care about that! I have many stories to tell you but I’m going to make you wait for them. It’ll build the suspense. And of course, you don’t have to give up the gift of vision to hear about them now.
Until we meet again tomorrow! :0


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