I’ve Got a Friend! :D

I'm just so angry sometimes...
I’m just so angry sometimes…

I’m such a nerd. I’m all excited and on a high because I met someone I might actually be able to be friends with for a while. He’s pretty awesome. He’s in my welding class. We basically have the same attitude about life, same humor, and he’s read Animal Farm. That’s a well rounded man these days. Except now I’m all sad because I’m moving on the tenth and he’s not.

Yes, I’m moving for the fourth time within the past year. Rawr. And this time I’m actually like super sad because I made some friends and am happy for the most part. So I’m sure you are wondering why I’m moving now. Well, I can’t seem to find a car I can buy. First I thought I could buy my grandparents’ Mustang, but they decided to sell it to my mom. Then my mom bought another car from across the street, that I had actually been looking at. For like $300. It needed a little bit of work, but still. Meeme had mentioned it to me but told me I didn’t really have enough to start looking for cars so I figured I didn’t need to ask the guy how much he wanted for it. Makes sense, right? But apparently I’m really dumb and said things I don’t remember saying. So, yeah…. I don’t make enough money to get a car financed. I can’t stay here without a car because it is hard on the people I’m living with to drive me around. When I first moved down here, that wasn’t supposed to be the deal, but it is. I got so frustrated I did that really logical thing that people do when they get frustrated. I killed a man. Just kidding. I just felt like that. I called my dad, actually. And now I’m moving back home after this welding class is over. I’m going to take a break and save up enough money to get all my little ducks in order (get a working car all to myself) and then I’ll go back to school.

My new friend said something about it being stupid to let distance come between a friendship. I hope he means it, because it has been really refreshing to be able to talk to someone and joke around. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but it’s not the same. And I love all of my old friends. I have even made plans with one of my old friends from Canyon. But still…. I don’t really know how to explain it.

This wasn’t supposed to be a depressing blog, or a frustrated blog. But my hip hurts. I have one foot with a burn and a bruise. I’m excited to go back to Canyon, but reality hit me pretty hard today when I actually sat down and looked at a calendar.

Welp, keep it classy my friends. At least my computer goes everywhere with me. 

An Hour and a Half Later

I have the bestest best friend ever. Excuse me while I go second grade up in this joint. I was sooooo sad and mad. So I talked to my best friend. And now I’m happy.

Okay, I’ll tell you what really happened. I wrote the above and was like, “O honey sugar sweet iced tea, my life freaking sucks.” So I went to go sit outside and talk to Bruce Wayne (the mysterious friend not previously named) and went psycho. I was like, “If you really meant that you liked being my friend [this sounds so ridiculous in my head] then we should work around the distance.” He was like, “We totally should; you’re my closest friend.” And I was like (in my head), “Where the hell have you been all my life?” I was being all dramatic because that’s normally what I have to do to get people to listen to me and hear what I’m saying and RESPOND. He was just like, chill and okay with it all. I had to apologize for going crazy. Lucky for me, he’s understanding. I hope.

And I of course realize how ridiculously stupid this might sound to you. I mean, I basically forgot I’m nineteen and not seven in drama class. Hmph. Like I said, he’s awesome. I’ve never met anyone that can take what I throw, and be okay with it. And then throw it right back at me. It feels so great. It’s like when that valedictorian of the Institute of Sarcasm (me) finds the valedictorian of the Institute of Verbal Irony (Bruce). SKADOOSH!!!! Instant awesomeness and cutting vocabulary. And cutting looks. And lots and lots of laughing. Yesssssssssss.

I’m kind of hoping he forgets about that link I sent him to this blog. But, Bruce, if you are reading this. Don’t take it in a creepy, psycho, ignore-that-bitch-over-there way. I’m just really happy to have a friend my age. Love you Kenny. Kenny, my love. 😉 And of course my Mason man brother. But, Kennedy and Mason—luckily–don’t have the same experiences that I do. And let’s face it, we’re siblings. We only get each other to a certain point. Then we want to strangle each other. I’ve needed a friend basically. And it’s nice. To have one.

Oh, and I forgot to tell ya’ll!!! I drank milk. That really stressful day I called my daddy….. yeah. I was doing so good!! But, it did me some good. I’m not as addicted to dairy products. So maybe people won’t feel the need to tell me that I’m seriously overweight and the most unhealthy person they’ve ever known. I mean, if you tell me that, I still love you. I’m just a little pissed off. That’s all. Steam’s gotta blow.

I miss squirrels. And football. Which by the way, you poor unfortunate souls will be getting a lot of football highlights. Because I’m going to be living with my dad. Which means I won’t be missing a game this year. Mwahahahahahahaha!!!! MILES AUSTIN. Learn the name. You’ll hear it a lot.

And now that I’ve thoroughly embarrassed myself, let the steam blow, let the comments fly, and had a slightly bipolar moment….. I’m going to listen to Christmas music. Acapella Christmas music.

Hey!! Buttercup!!!! Aca-believe it!!!

Keep it classy peeps. I’ll do everything else.


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