What’s Going Down

yummy yummy yummy
yummy yummy yummy

So I’ve been trying to post blogs for a really long time now. But every time I get it typed and ready to publish, my internet goes down. Like, whatever, I didn’t want to blog anyways…..

But, here’s what’s going down anyhow for when I can actually post this. It turns out that my sister isn’t lactose intolerant, she has a dairy allergy—which, coincidentally, is a million times worse than being lactose intolerant. On top of not being able to have anything made of milk, there are certain proteins that you can’t have either. And you have to read the label of EVERYTHING you eat. It’s crazy. Especially to a girl like me who goes through almost a gallon of milk every other day. So, my sister and I have a bet going now. Because I think that if it actually came down to it, I could get rid of dairy. She says that I can’t. So from my first day of school (five days ago) to my last day of school (a month and a half from now), I have a dairy allergy too. At first I was all like, yeah, this should be easy. The first couple of days I didn’t even have any troubles following the diet. Then it was like going through detox. I was craving milk, cheese, butter, pizza, chocolate, and ice cream like I’ve never craved them before. My cousin said she was going to make a sweet run and asked if I needed anything. I got my batman voice and said, “MILK.” She looked a little worried at my desperateness and ferocity in which those four little letters had so I quickly said, “Just some orange juice, please.” People, don’t get a dairy allergy it effs you up. But I’m still dairy free!!!! Even though I had to avoid the kitchen all day because I knew I would get milk if I went in there for more than five seconds, I am still succeeding. I WILL PERSERVERE.

Someone please help me. I need milk. I can feel my bones breaking as we speak.

In other news, I hate my job. Almost all of my friends that I work with are quitting or looking for a new job so they can quit. It’s horrifying. Milk. Today was so bad at work. I got into a fight with a semi-new guy at work because he kept trying to tell me to clock in even though the manager was telling me not to. Apparently he can’t do his job all by himself. Okay, loser. So we were at each other’s throats before work even began. Then I got into it with another girl because she was pissed about how much work she did and only getting paid waitress salary. The heifer asked to be a waitress. So calm down, doll. Then the kitchen kept skipping over pizzas so I was yelled at by TWO customers. That’s pretty major for me. I never get yelled at. If nothing else, they’re too scared to complain to me. And I was yelled at twice. And I won’t lie, I was pretty pissed at them too. Obviously it’s not my fault the kitchen doesn’t know their ass from their head…. Needless to say, my customer service went to shit.

I’m looking for a new job.

I started classes Monday!!!! It is so much fun!!! I love welding. Sometimes I get really frustrated, but it’s so worth it. I feel so good, and I haven’t enjoyed something this much since my football analysis days. This is so awesome. I get all warm and gooey just thinking about it. The classes were cool enough as it is, but then to actually get into the shop and do WORK, you just don’t understand how great it feels to be covered in ash and sweat running down your back and looking at this piece of crap you worked your ass off on. It’s so gratifying for me, and I’m not even doing anything substantial yet!!!! Plus, I look pretty good in my welding shades. Baha!!!! I was actually really depressed I didn’t have class today. I really wanted to weld some more. 😦

It’s crazy how much passion I already have for this. The guy in the stall next to mine in shop summed it up quite nicely, “I think I just fell in love.” I know exactly what he means. And to all those people that say welding is a waste of my brain, quit acting like you know me. Welding is so amazing. Not just anyone off the street can say they know how to control metal. They know how to melt it and make it into something no one could’ve thought it could be. Welders can take a piece of crap and make it into something beautiful. Something with a purpose. Just look around you! I’d bet my next fifty paychecks that a welder was involved in making the building you’re in.

I think in my previous life I was a metal worker/forger person. I forgot what they are called right now. But you know what I mean. I was like that chick on A Knight’s Tale. Totally BA and making all them boys look dumbo. Cuz I’m so awesome. It’s so great to know what I want to do with my life now. I’m so impatient for it, but so ready. I’m pumped for life. I’m not Br’y the top student anymore. I’m Br’y—Welder. How do you like them apples?

Milk is yummy. But orange juice more so.

Anyhoo, that’s all I really have to say right now!!!! I miss you, my dear blogging friends!! Keep it classy and remember, orange juice can taste like milk. It’s all about perception. Keep it classy, my friends.


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