The Funny, But Not Funny, Consequence

Recently I wrote a blog post on the collaborative site my brother, sister, and I share. I rambled a little bit and talked about missing my siblings and how you shouldn’t really take what you’ve got around you for granted. In a bit of a roundabout way.

Afterwards I got a few different likes on the post, which is always a cool thing. I mean, someone just took the time to read my post and actually cared enough to like it. That’s always great. So, I went to their respective sites to check them out. Nearly all of them were self-help blogs.

I’m not really sure why I found this funny. Because any normal person wouldn’t find it so entertaining. But I found it hilarious. Actually, I probably found it funny to cover up the fact that I was annoyed. These people totally missed the mark I feel. But that’s beside the point. These people are all, “If you try super hard and do things a million times in a row, you can become a better person…. blah blah blah.” At the risk of being insulting (as if I’m not always), people like that drive me nuts.

Your own state of mind matters somewhat. But really, I can try as hard as I possibly can to be a mermaid, but it’s just not going to happen. As much as I wish and wish and wish, if I stuck my head under water and kept it there, I would not learn to breathe under water. Actually, I would die.

Sometimes people rely on themselves too much. It’s ridiculous. I’m not trying to be Negative Nancy over here, like I said earlier, power of thought is helpful to a certain point. But seriously people. Get a grip on reality. Humans are barely more than animals. We can’t just try and think ourselves into anything. Everyone needs a little help.

In conclusion, stop being so dang self-centered, people! And keep it classy.



4 thoughts on “The Funny, But Not Funny, Consequence

  1. Most people write about what they care about and the things that inspire them. And most I know of write with hope of helping others come up higher in life. The good thing about so many writers in the world? If the reader doesn’t like what another writes, they don’t have to read it. There is always something else out there they can gravitate to.

    1. Yes, but I can still disagree and put my thoughts down. And if people don’t like what I write, they can go somewhere else too. I’m just simply stating my opinion. 🙂

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