Missing People

So for the past week I have really been missing my super-secret best friend Bruce Wayne.  Which is kind of weird for me.  I mean, I miss people like everyone else in the world, but I normally don’t go crazy.  I’m not going crazy.  I already am crazy.  No….  This is coming out all wrong.  Redo.

So I’ve been missing my good friend Bruce for a while now.  I miss a lot of people all the time.  But this time it is particularly strong.  ???  I don’t know where this is going….  Continuing on and hoping I don’t sound too immature.

So you’ve all heard about Bruce.  Some more than others.  We get along very well, and truth be told, I’m very fond of him.  He always knows what to say.  Or if he doesn’t he has me fooled.  He cracks me up all the time, and some of the times I remember most fondly about the Borger-era involved him (when it wasn’t my cousin and I pulling pranks).  But I guess what bothers me most is that, to me, it is really weird.  I normally don’t get that attached to people.  With the rare exception of some family members, life takes me where I go, and if I happen to move away from a friend and we don’t keep it touch for one reason or another, then se lavi.  (Yes, Kenny, I know.  C’est la vie.)

Missing someone is just a weird feeling in general.  It’s like craving a food and being sad and teenagery all at once.  You want to be around that person, and you’re sad that you’re not.  And if you admit it, you’re hormonal or going crazy or way too attached or something.

I admit it!  I’m crazy.  I think we’ve all known that for a while.


Yes, well…. I think it would be easier to break into a Black Eyed Peas song and call this post a failure.  I obviously have gotten really bad about rambling recently because I feel like I’ve got a good idea and it isn’t.


Okay, that was uncalled for sir.  Listen, all I’m saying is I’m an emotionless automaton and I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing about this siteeashun I gots here.


Oh, you’re confused??  I’m confused!  How do you keep in contact with a guy who hates texting?  I try, but it’s hard!!  He’s a guy so it’s not like he just talks on the phone.  He hates texting (understandably, I’m not that fond of it), and on top of all that, I can’t just get on my invisible jet and go hang out.  The alternator went out.


So, I’ve come to a logical conclusion.  The lack of a solution.


Yes.  I will just learn to be satisfied with the status quo like the rest of America and not try at anything and when everything goes to shit, blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol.


Good, now I’m going to go…. do nothing.  Because I live in Canyon, Texas.  Yippee.


Hmph, what I’m saying is, I actually miss something (somebody) and it’s throwing off my juju.  I’ve always been the girl that kind of takes everything with a grain of salt, throws a sarcastic comment out, maybe shows some depth if the situation is somewhat serious, and then moves on with life.  But this… This is new to me.  Because I don’t just miss Batman my main man Bruce, I miss my sister too.  And my brother.  But, we can’t just all run away to Ireland.  There’s not enough room on the jet for all of us and commercial travelling is traceable.

So what we have learned from this post:

  1. I miss people.
  2. I ramble
  3. I overuse memes.
  4. My invisible jet is broken.
  5. Worms taste like fried bacon.

There you have it.
There you have it.


And for you’re enjoyment:



5 thoughts on “Missing People

  1. Sending hugs on angel wings since you are not here to hug in person. You are really missed, too. LOL (which used to mean Lot of Love until they changed it to Laugh out Loud. So think old school.) Love you, Meems

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