I Have an Awesome Life

I write for the enjoyment of myself.  I like reading my thoughts.  I like seeing what other people think of my thoughts.  And, if nothing else, I just like to hear myself talk, and this is a somewhat more sane way to do so.  But always in the back of my mind, I hope that someone will have a mind like me, or actually understand what I’m talking about (a girl can dream) and read what I write and enjoy doing so.  When people like my posts, follow my blog, I do a little victory dance.  I call it “Poppin’ my Colla”.  Kennedy says I’m not allowed to do it in public or she’ll disown me.  Naturally, I do it all the time.  I digress, when people comment, I become even more ecstatic because that means they liked it (or perhaps really disagreed, either way is fine with me) and even wanted me to know how they felt.  So, thanks to all those people who have ever actually read my posts, liked them, and/or commented.  My heart skips a little beat every time.  Though that might also have to do with the fact that dancing is hard work.  Annnyways…  What has brought me to this subject is that I got a most surprising comment on one of my posts today.  It was from my cousin Ashley, whom I wrote about in one of my posts called “Give Me Some Credit”.  (I’m not sure whom is correct there.  Who?)  She had read my long post about remembering Tucumcari, New Mexico; she also remembered some details I didn’t, and helped me fill in the blanks that have annoyed me for so long.  If I felt emotions, I would’ve cried.  Just kidding.  But it was like I was telling Bruce, it’s always nice to know that my posts actually hit home for some people.  Even if they are family.  It makes me feel achieved as a writer, however not good at it I may be.

That one little comment didn’t make me decide I have a great life though.  While it certainly made me happy, as all you wonderful people do, my day continued on a steady uphill climb.  Not long after I saw all the notifications I got from my last post and Ashley’s comment, my family and I went to the local library.  I love libraries.  Libraries make me happy just walking into them.  Minus the libraries that don’t even look like libraries and aren’t nice and comforting at all.  But, I digress.  Our library is pretty okay.  For a small town, it’s not bad at all.  Anyways, we went and I was able to get some books (a lot of books) to read.  Upon entering this wonderful establishment of knowledge and fantasy and perfectness, I saw a big orange sign that said, “NOW HIRING.”  Yessssssssss, life is truly a marvelous thing.  Unfortunately I was wearing sweats, so my mom had to discreetly get the application for me and hand it to me in the car, but still.  That would be a dream job for me.  I know you don’t get to sit around and read all day, but I’ve been a librarian’s assistant.  Even just cleaning the bookshelves and helping get the books ready to check out made me happy.  I love books.  I love the way they smell.  I love how they are all unique, down to the way the pages feel between your fingers.  So, I’m hoping and praying I get this job.  I have a good job now, but still.  Books.  😀

I also came up with a really great writing advantage that I have in order to complete one of my novels.  If that makes sense to anyone.  I don’t want to say too much, but I’m pretty pumped about this.  It’s basically going to take a really long time to write, but it will be more genuine.  I guess.

Oh, and guess who I saw in Wal-Mart today?  Kolton Porter.  Is it weird I still blush around him even though I’m totally in to someone else?  Probably because I was so embarrassing around him when I was younger.  Meh….  It was a funny interaction all the same.

And lastly, happy birthday to one of my favorite people ever, who I hope to be as cool as someday!!!  My dear aunt Julie!!!  Many more to come!  She sent out a query letter for her novel just a couple of days ago!  Give her your prayers and good wishes!!  Though she’s so awesome, I have no doubt in my mind she’ll succeed.  Happy birthday!

Keep it classy folks!!!  And remember to always pause for the squirrels!! Chicky woot woot!!!



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