Hey, guys!!! Sorry I’ve been a bit redundant recently! Today I’m going to get off the beaten track some.

Today I would like to tell you guys something a little crazy, but I’ve been gathering evidence for YEARS. So my point is super valid. Ready? Here goes….

My framily is haunted. Not their house, not a possession they own…. They are insidious-style haunted.


All rights for the pictures in this post go to this movie, FYI. So first, I would like to let you know that I love the Insidious movies. Second, I would like to say I get scared stupid easy. You can yell “boo”, and I’ll be creeped out the rest of the day. That’s just how it goes. That being said, I’ve been super brave researching this theory. I deserve an award.

So it all started when I was a senior. This was the first time we were roommates. They weren’t married yet. But that’s not really pertinent to the story. We were all living in this house that we had loads of fun in, and I just wish we could go back to then sometimes because, like I said, we had loads of fun.

Well one night we had a really good, long walk and came home. Sara and David had gone back to their perspective bedrooms, and I was just kind of chilling on the floor in the living room. As I sat there, I saw a creepy looking weirdo with a white face walk by in the laundry room. Now there isn’t much room to walk by in the laundry room. It was a pretty small space. I would’ve seen a door open if the one door in there had. BUT I SWEAR TO YOU I SAW IT HAPPEN. I think I’m going to have nightmares tonight.


Second scenario, we are in a completely different house. They are now married and have a kid (one of the greatest kids I know). So we are sitting there just chilling in the living room (note to self: stay away from the living room from now on), and all of the sudden the Playstation randomly turns on by itself. It beeps to life, and the fan starts whirring. I freak out a little bit, but they console me by saying it “happens all the time” and the console is “about to go out”. Doesn’t seem like it to me. In fact, I would say it turns on quite well. Then not long after this little scene happens, the baby chair turns on and start singing and lighting up by itself. Obviously there is something wrong here. They remain calm, but I know when to freak out. And this one a time to freak out. This happened so many times too!! It was not an isolated incident! Stuff would light up all by itself. The TV would turn itself on, the toys, the Playstation….. it’s enough to make anyone cower under their sheets.


So here’s the punchline story…. This last weekend when I was staying with them some nonsense happened that made me really realize that they were haunted. There’s no denying it anymore. So now they are living in a house that is TWO HOURS AWAY from the last house. It’s not just the houses. It’s them. Alright? Do you understand this? Anyhoo, so we were all hanging out in the office, and Clouse was playing in his super cool room.  Now, they have this alarm system that beeps anytime a window or a door gets opened. Which is cool since they have a three year old that likes to play outside. You always know when someone left the house… Well like I said, we were all talking in the office and we hear this alarm beep and just stop. We all look at each other in silence for probably what probably wasn’t a long time, but it felt like a few minutes. We all yell, “Clouse,” and run out the office to find Clouse playing in his room, completely oblivious to what’s going on. We immediately run around the house checking the doors and windows.

They are all shut. The windows are all closed.

They are haunted. They act like it’s no big deal. But I know. And I definitely didn’t sleep well at all that night.


So what do you guys think? Are they haunted or have I just watched these movies way too many times? FYI new movie is set to come out in October of next year!

Keep it classy! Check under your beds and in your closets!


4 thoughts on “Spooky Stuff

  1. Do you encounter strange things anywhere else? If so I would say that you could be attracting them not haunted. This stuff interest me 😊

  2. I’ve worked graveyard shift for 18 years at a retail store that everyone always said was built on an old Indian burial ground (Then they found all the relics during expansion construction that proved it was true). Nothing freaks me out anymore…

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