Freakin’ Life Man

And basically that’s how I feel.  When I’m happy it’s because of life.  When I’m all pissed off it’s because of life.  I don’t even know what the point of this post is.  Freakin’ life man.

So basically (what the heck does basically even mean?) everyone around me is being super creative and all artistic and I was all left out and I wanted to make a run on sentence something artistic too.  So I started crocheting again.  Like hard core.  Like my fingers have sores on them from where my crocheting needle has hit, and I stay up until two o’ clock in the morning because I keep thinking, one more round (except I think it 67 times in a row :0).  But, if I’m going to buy seventy dollars worth of crocheting stuff and drag my five-year-old brother along to do it with me, I better make it worth it.

Funny story by the way, do NOT give a five-year-old, overly active boy a Dr. Pepper and ice cream cone if you value your sanity and energy.  I freakin’ love my brother.

I was actually making this super awesome scarf but miscalculated (didn’t calculate) the amount of yarn I needed and so instead of getting more yarn to finish it, I started making a blanket.  Which looks sexy.  If blankets could indeed be sexy.

I also bought needles and thread because I like to sew but I have nothing to sew.  Poop that overlookment.

I have also looked into quilting as a pasttime.  My parents do it and it looks like great fun.  Unfortunately I have run into a few impediments:  my general lack of know-how about a sewing machine (I only sew by hand), my general lack of knowledge about quilting, and my general lack of common sense that prevents me from teaching myself like a smart kid would.  (Nuclear equations, those I got down.  Bascially because it doesn’t help anyone.)

I got some good books for Christmas/birthday that I can’t wait to dig in to.  Actually, I have already started reading one.  My decline in reading speed is astounding.  I will change that indeed.  Can’t have a normal reading speed.  I won’t be as cocky about something useless like reading-speed anymore.  And that would mean…. gasp.  I think I would have to be humble about something!!!!  Aaaaah!  Even this paragraph is condescending.  Oh, snap!!!

Freakin’ life has played it so that I feel guilty about being bored, so—it smells like Subway in our house.  Why does it smell like Subway in our house?  I want Subway!  How late does Subway smell open?

Hmmm…. I forgot what I was talking about.  I keep juxtaposing and integrating words in the wrong manner.  I’m all sorts of wacky write now.

But, I got these really cool bright pink trunks that match my bright pink Nike Airs that I wore to prom.  Now I’ve turned into an interior designer.  I can picture these really cool rooms for my apartment that I don’t have.  And it’s AWESOME. Basically legit.

And with that I am going to say, be prepared people.  Once I get passed my the-zombie-apocalypse-didn’t-happen-and-now-I-look-like-a-fool-and-I-may-be-a-little-disappointed-about-it funk (Nolan Gerard Funk–Google image, you won’t be disappointed) now I’m all thinking about the hottest guy since Miles Austin…. Hmmm… I don’t think Miles Austin and Nolan Funk can be compared they are so different but both so hot oh my gersh i am acting like a teenage girl what has happened to my dignity


Me. Now. Looking. At. You.
Me. Now. Looking. At. You.

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