Started From the Bottom, Now We….. Still At the Bottom

Long time no see my friends. Life became crazy and hectic, though to be honest I became a bit of a slacker. Though I guess I always was…. I was just really good at hiding it. Ten things you should know about my life now:
1. I’m finally freaking 21!!!!
2. I have had a boyfriend for almost two months. A real live breathing boyfriend.
3. I will be for reals on my own officially this weekend.
4. I just quit my going-on-two-years job at Sonic and my manager is pissed to put it lightly.
5. I’m writing this post in 40 degree weather.
6. I miss my sissy and bubba.
7. I just got a new job. (Hence, numero 4.)
8. I still to this day, have not wrestled a shark. Or a mongoose.
9. I’m debating on referring to myself in the third person as “The Hyena”.
10. The Hyena is hungry.

Knowing what you now know, The Hyena knows your opinion of The Hyena has only gotten more favorable. The Hyena has missed blogging and will probably be back tomorrow with more interesting conversation.

Bye, Felicia.

The Hyena thinks this will be The Hyena's new selfie.
The Hyena thinks this will be The Hyena’s new selfie.

I Have an Awesome Life

I write for the enjoyment of myself.  I like reading my thoughts.  I like seeing what other people think of my thoughts.  And, if nothing else, I just like to hear myself talk, and this is a somewhat more sane way to do so.  But always in the back of my mind, I hope that someone will have a mind like me, or actually understand what I’m talking about (a girl can dream) and read what I write and enjoy doing so.  When people like my posts, follow my blog, I do a little victory dance.  I call it “Poppin’ my Colla”.  Kennedy says I’m not allowed to do it in public or she’ll disown me.  Naturally, I do it all the time.  I digress, when people comment, I become even more ecstatic because that means they liked it (or perhaps really disagreed, either way is fine with me) and even wanted me to know how they felt.  So, thanks to all those people who have ever actually read my posts, liked them, and/or commented.  My heart skips a little beat every time.  Though that might also have to do with the fact that dancing is hard work.  Annnyways…  What has brought me to this subject is that I got a most surprising comment on one of my posts today.  It was from my cousin Ashley, whom I wrote about in one of my posts called “Give Me Some Credit”.  (I’m not sure whom is correct there.  Who?)  She had read my long post about remembering Tucumcari, New Mexico; she also remembered some details I didn’t, and helped me fill in the blanks that have annoyed me for so long.  If I felt emotions, I would’ve cried.  Just kidding.  But it was like I was telling Bruce, it’s always nice to know that my posts actually hit home for some people.  Even if they are family.  It makes me feel achieved as a writer, however not good at it I may be.

That one little comment didn’t make me decide I have a great life though.  While it certainly made me happy, as all you wonderful people do, my day continued on a steady uphill climb.  Not long after I saw all the notifications I got from my last post and Ashley’s comment, my family and I went to the local library.  I love libraries.  Libraries make me happy just walking into them.  Minus the libraries that don’t even look like libraries and aren’t nice and comforting at all.  But, I digress.  Our library is pretty okay.  For a small town, it’s not bad at all.  Anyways, we went and I was able to get some books (a lot of books) to read.  Upon entering this wonderful establishment of knowledge and fantasy and perfectness, I saw a big orange sign that said, “NOW HIRING.”  Yessssssssss, life is truly a marvelous thing.  Unfortunately I was wearing sweats, so my mom had to discreetly get the application for me and hand it to me in the car, but still.  That would be a dream job for me.  I know you don’t get to sit around and read all day, but I’ve been a librarian’s assistant.  Even just cleaning the bookshelves and helping get the books ready to check out made me happy.  I love books.  I love the way they smell.  I love how they are all unique, down to the way the pages feel between your fingers.  So, I’m hoping and praying I get this job.  I have a good job now, but still.  Books.  😀

I also came up with a really great writing advantage that I have in order to complete one of my novels.  If that makes sense to anyone.  I don’t want to say too much, but I’m pretty pumped about this.  It’s basically going to take a really long time to write, but it will be more genuine.  I guess.

Oh, and guess who I saw in Wal-Mart today?  Kolton Porter.  Is it weird I still blush around him even though I’m totally in to someone else?  Probably because I was so embarrassing around him when I was younger.  Meh….  It was a funny interaction all the same.

And lastly, happy birthday to one of my favorite people ever, who I hope to be as cool as someday!!!  My dear aunt Julie!!!  Many more to come!  She sent out a query letter for her novel just a couple of days ago!  Give her your prayers and good wishes!!  Though she’s so awesome, I have no doubt in my mind she’ll succeed.  Happy birthday!

Keep it classy folks!!!  And remember to always pause for the squirrels!! Chicky woot woot!!!


The New Life

So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I was so excited that I was going to have internet full time and that I would be able to blog regularly again, and I haven’t even taken advantage of it yet!!!! Nothing too interesting has been happening really, so I guess I will see where this goes.

I’m back to working at Sonic. I don’t remember if I told you already, yet another reason why I should blog more, but I used to work at Sonic my senior year. I worked there for eleven months when I finally quit. I moved away, which ya’ll all kept up with, and now I’m back almost a year later. It’s crazy how much is changed. There are a million more shake combinations (a million more head aches), new fudge sundaes (why go to Sonic for a sundae when Braum’s is next door), and a new shake machine (a new enemy). There is also an almost completely new crew (poor them) and a new board to take orders. All in all, it’s quite crazy being back. However, I have discovered that I can still make drinks much too fast for a normal person and that I still don’t like people touching my fountain. If it didn’t hurt to talk loudly, they would’ve been told off. But maybe it’s better this way. They’ll get lured into a sense of security then SNAP!!!!! I’ll ask them to go get the imaginary sky hook from the back so I can clean the filter above the fountain.

I applied for a second job today as well. It was at McDonald’s. I got the job, but after having a discussion with my dad about it, I have come to the conclusion that I will not accept the job. Which sucks for them but it’s better this way. I wouldn’t be able to see anyone that way, and quite frankly, I did the whole no sleep thing in high school. I don’t want to do it again. Sonic is paying me just fine, I’m just being impatient and wanting to save up faster. I think my dad was really relieved that I came to this conclusion too. So all’s okay in the world of work.

I worked out for like two days. Then I quickly realized it was making it hard for me to sit normally (exercise bikes) and breathe right (copious amounts of movement) and decided to start a little easier (take out the trash every other day). But for reals, I actually didn’t realize how out of shape I was. I mean, I used to ride the bike for literally hours at a time (or until my dad informed me I had to come inside) and now I’m struggling to make it through the recommended twenty minutes. Pathetic. I fully intend to correct that. The past couple of days I have just been preoccupied with other things. Like eating.

I’ve started reading the Fablehaven books. They’re a good stress reliever. I love children’s books. I have decided that I am basically just a really big kid.

I’ve started watching Big Brother again. I’m so glad I was able to catch up on the season (thank you It’s like the only show I ever actually try to keep up with. I like other shows too, but for some reason I’m caught up with this show. It’s basically a bunch of people thrown into a house with no contact with the outside world and fighting to even eat normal food. Every week someone is evicted by the other house guests. It’s really a hilarious show. Your true colors are fully shown when the cameras are on you 24/7. It’s definitely not a show for younger people of society. But you should totally check it out sometime. If nothing else you may be amazed people actually act that way. Without being scripted.

And with that, I have remembered that there is another episode calling my name. Keep it classy peeps. 😉

Drama mamas unite!
Drama mamas unite!

My Dreams as of Late

What do you mean there are other hot men?!
What do you mean there are other hot men?!

So recently I have been having some really crazy dreams.  Normally I don’t remember my dreams, but I’ve been trying to more and more.  I don’t have nightmares that often, but I have these really epic, action packed dreams.  So I’m trying to become an avid sleeper.  Basically you think you’re dreams are real.  You can remember them better.  And experience them better.

I don’t really know what is causing all these dreams as of late.  Perhaps it has been my overload on Lord of the Rings movies.  I rented The Hobbit from Redbox and watched it like a million times.  Then I turned it in right before I went to Canyon for the weekend, except my brother and my dad were in the middle of the series.   So I didn’t escape it.  My dreams have been filled with heart pounding adventure, bloody battles, and some really hot guy besides Legolas who really hits it off with me.  I somehow end up in Middle Earth, kill some animals for clothes because my pajamas aren’t really working out, discover I’m half Nasgul (the wraiths of the nine elven kings) but was brought there for the good side, start killing a bunch of Orcs (bad-ass style)  and in the middle of a battle meet another animal-skin clad person, who is the really hot guy I mentioned afore.  All in all, adrenaline in my sleep.  I wake up with my heart racing and breathing fast.  And I’m really sweaty.  But that may have more to do with the fact that I was all tangled up in my blankets from all the sword swinging and spear throwing and bow and arrow action.  It’s pretty epic, people.  You wish you had dreams like me.

In other news, I spent this past weekend in Canyon visiting my family.  We got some boxes moved so we won’t have as much to move on July 11th and hung out.  I found a really awesome smoke shop to get some more tobacco from, and they have a really cool pipe that I want made out of fish bone. Yesssssss.  I got my job back at Sonic for like a dollar more an hour than what I was getting paid there before AND (now this is a real kicker and I’m not sure how I made this happen) I get every SATURDAY off.  Yes, you heard me right.  Every Saturday, I have off.  Partyyyyyy?!?!?!  I think so!!!

I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before but one of my old friends is moving back to Canyon just a couple of weeks before me.  To be more specific, my old roommate that I was really tight with.  So, needless to say we are both pretty pumped.  More than anyone should ever be about moving to Canyon.  In fact, the only downfall is living the friends I’ve made here in Borger.  Especially one.  😛

And that’s all I have for right now!!! Peace out dawgs.  Eat some buttermilk biscuits.  And as always, keep it classy folks.

Heller There

Wassup chicken little?!?!! I’m instantly in a good mood because I figured out how to post from my phone. Yesssss. No longer a cold day in July. Luckily for ya’ll, I’m only just now writing this so it won’t be 4,000 words long. So no worries, your eyes won’t burn out by the end of this.
I made the move to the panhandle! I start welding classes a week from today (I think). I’m so pumped!!!
My cousin actually decided not to do welding with me. She changed her mind to x ray tech and then to something that sounds boring and I’m not even sure what it is. She’ll be starting in the fall at Amarillo College and is looking for a place to move out. 😦
I work at Pizza Hut now. And I can say this because they didn’t make me sign a paper saying I can’t. I was also working at United until a week ago. I quit because I was having issues with my hip and they were being very rude about it. I actually have an appointment with a specialist on Wednesday.
But that’s boring!! You guys don’t care about that! I have many stories to tell you but I’m going to make you wait for them. It’ll build the suspense. And of course, you don’t have to give up the gift of vision to hear about them now.
Until we meet again tomorrow! :0

I’m Bock

I left my blog in quite a shape.  All frustrated like that.  I think that everyday I told myself I was going to blog and then…. I didn’t.  Baha.

Basically I’ve gone crazy.

This may or may not be a conversation I had last night with “somebody that I used to know.”  Just so you kinda get a feel for how things have been going. I assure you it’s worth a good laugh and a big revelation at the end.  And it will read faster than you think.  I apologize in advance for the grammatical errors.  It WAS  a text conversation.

Man who doesn’t talk to me unless he wants someone to cook for him, “What’s good britt?”

Me: me. mwahaha. nothin. you?

man: Haha how are you though?

Me: depends on the day. Alright today. You?

man: That’s good..and I’m alright today 🙂

Stupid me: That’s good. 🙂 are we gonna chill this weekend?

man: oh its this weekend?

yea why not I thot it was next week and was confusing myself lol

Me (still stupid): Lol. If ur vusy its okay. Im still not even sure where im staying yet. I havent been on the ball plannin this trip.

man: Hmm when you comin down?

Regretful me: Saturday morning. Ill leave sunday around lunch or shortly after.

man: Hmm and what all were you gonna do again britt

Me: Uh. Idk. Just gotta pick up my sisters sunday.

man: ya so what are you makin thanksgiving?

Cynical me has arrived: Oh. u know…. turkey.

man: your makin the turkey?

Me: Lol. Naw. Im making the rolls, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and I think thats it

man: That’s a frickin lot of dishes.. but you like cookin huh

Me: I do indeed.

man: You should make me sumn

Me: Only if u make me sumn

man: My stove doesn’t work :/

Apathetic me: I have a family of eight. :/

man: You beast! [as if i birthed them.] When do you start preppin the food?

Annoyed me: Maybe Wednesday night. But prolly just thursday morning.

man: Any makin any pies?

Me: Maybe chocolate. But my sister, mom, aunt, and grandma are all making one or two. Plus cookies.

man: You beast!


conniving man: I’m just going to my boy jays house

Smart Ass Me: Now?

man: No thur

Me: Oh. Thats cool ig. Just u two?

man: Me and my roommate Adam and a bunch of other ppl its gonna be pretty fun..I don’t think you’ve met jay

Me: I don’t think I’ve met anybody. Lol. Imma spend it with family. I havent seen my aunt in like 2 days so im super excited. Lmao.

dumb man: You should be..I wonder what your hair color is

Cynical Me: so do i.

man: Are you gon dyen again?

Me: Cant u txt like a normal person? no i havent. I was bein a smart ass.

man: My bad, I figured you were but wanted to be safe type situations lol [he talks like this in real life too]

Me: U scared of me?

man: Lol……….no……um never lol

Me: Don’t lie to me

man: Why would I be scared lol

Me: Cuz im mean. Lol. Ego boost for me. 😉

man: You think your mean lol [his last mistake in this conversation]

Me: I am. Uve even said so.

man: You have a temper but your not mean

Me: Ho

man: Mmm maybe a lil but you don’t scare me at all

Me: Who you been doin that makes you a ho?

man: What are you talkin about

Me: I called you a ho and u said maybe a lil.

man: Lol did i [this isn’t a laughing matter dude]

O I was doin a second reply to your question

Me: So ur scared of me!

man: No your scared of me

Me: Nope. Not at all.

man: Don’t lie

Me: I never lie.

Unless ur ghost face, im not scared of u

man: I guess we ain’t scared of Idk britt

Lol I know you like it

Me: “so idk britt” whats that mean?

man: I was just sayin Idk.

Lol are my txts weird

Me: Udk what?

Yes. No. Just dont follow logical convo [Ha! How’s that for confusing?]

man: We were talkin bout who’s scared of who and I say we not scared of eachother so I’m tellin you I dont know if i’m scared of you cuz Idk

Me: Wtf. Ok. Im literally lol [at you]

man: No lol I’m not but I haven’t been around you in a situation that would unleash that side

Me: Well, consider urself lucky. 🙂

man: I’m far from the good luch atleast

Me: Psh. Whatever. The fact that you know me is good luck.

That was stuck up, huh?

man: Maybe a lil lol

Me: Cept you know I don’t mean it

man: Or do I…….lol I know [I did mean it.]

Me: What’d u say?

man: Exactly!!

Evil Plan Hatched Me: Baha!! I miss you. :/ [not really] watched a movie the other night that reminded me of you. Sort of.

man: What movie? Remember the Titans? [great joke set up, but the one I have planned is better so I’ll ignore it.] [that was literally my thinking process]

Me: Baha! nope. Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

man: Never seen it

Me: Well. Its swedish. And graphic. In all sortsa ways. Ya?

man missing the point: You like graphic huh

Me: No. I had read the book. The book was very mature and I expected the movie to be the same. It made me very angry. The girl’s rape was nasty. But that wasn’t what reminded me of you.

man: Wtf did you just say a girls rape and my name in the same sentence?

Me: I didn’t say your name anywhere in the text. I said it WAS NOT what reminded me of you.

man: I know what you said..its just that’s what you picked to say about the was weird to me

Frank Me: Its what the story was built around. Women cruelty.

man: What part of the movie makes you think of me

Me: The main character was short. [Oh my gosh I’m still laughing over this. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!]

man cluing in: Do you think I’m an asshole?

I’ll end that conversation there.  Basically this guy kind of affected a lot of the decisions I made through out my senior year.  A lot of them I regretted.  I don’t necessarily put all the blame on him.  I know I was stupid to listen to every word he said like he was Ghandi or something, but the man (Cameron) knew my beliefs and never respected them.  He was always trying to change them, and I’m afraid he succeeded in a lot of areas. I was weak.  And that’s my fault, but at the same time, he should have been respectful to my beliefs and values.  So last night the conversation that I may or may not have had with Cameron escalated.  Being 500 miles away really changes your perspective.  I had a lot of time to think and I knew it was time to quit hanging on.  And I finally told him so.  When I was explaining it to my sister, “I am a strong, independent black woman.  I don’t need no man.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Her reply, “Juice makes me happy. Yes.”

There’s a lot of reflection going on in my head while I’ve been MIA.  I haven’t been the kind of person I want to be.  And I think it’s time I cut my losses, quit throwing the pity-party, and pull the lead outta my butt and as Barlow Girl so wisely put it in one of my favorite songs, “be the change you [I] wanna see.”  Someone else might have said that too.

Also, special shout out to a great man for admitting publicly twice that he reads, and enjoys, my blog.  SQUIRREL!!!!! Ditto.

Peace out people.

“Juice makes me happy. Yes.”
Like I said…..
I need another source for inspiration. Nah. These ladies know what they’re talkin bout.